VA – Hands Up Masterpieces: All His Singles & Remixes [Sounds United]

If it comes to HandsUp, Bigroom or Festival-Sound – NaXwell ( aka Meiko Struve ) is the man !!! He has made him a name as one of the best HandsUp and Electro-House producers and Remixers in Germany and outside the awsome collection has all his own singles releases and the complete Remixes he made for the artists of Sounds United Records .. also including his brandnew single ' . '

  • Release date: 2016-07-15
  • Label: Sounds United
  • Genre: Dubstep
  • Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo
Naxwell - I.O.U. (Extended Mix)
DJ Schwede - Here We Go Again 2k16 (Naxwell Remix)
Mr. Doll & Nigel, John Wiix - Can U Pump on It (Naxwell Remix)
Twenty 4 Seven, Stay-C, Li-ann - Slave to the Music (Naxwell Remix)
Alicia - Hasta la Vista (Naxwell Remix)
Charlie Vallely, Terri B. - You Are Not Alone (Naxwell Remix)
Naxwell - The Game (Club Mix)
Chris Rockford, Phil Dinner - One Night (Naxwell Remix)
Pit Bailay - Eternity (Naxwell Remix)
Naxwell - Fade to Grey (Remastered Club Mix)
Nigel, Mr. Doll - Shake Your Booty (Naxwell Remix)
Edlington, Naxwell - Night to Remember (Naxwell Mix)
Red 5 - Da Beat Goes (Naxwell Remix)
The Booty Jocks - Into the Groove (Naxwell Meets Meigo Remix)
Patricio Amc - Believe (Naxwell Remix)
Naxwell - Magic Melody (Club Mix)
Naxwell - Living on Video (Radio Mix)
Sammy Love, Dj Ferre - We Are Friends (Naxwell Remix)
Carol Jiani, Jason Parker, Naxwell - Hold That Sucker Down (Radio Edit)
Dylan, Mike Ayden - Stronger (Naxwell Remix)
Anthony Simons, Anna Berardi - Think About the Way (Naxwell Remix)
Damion Davies, Stereo Identity - The Groove Anthem (Naxwell Festival Remix)
Pit Bailay, Tosch - Put Your Hands Up (Naxwell Remix)
Johnny D, Jason Parker - Nightshift (Naxwell Remix Edit)
Pulsemaster DJ Team, Mike Van Doorn - Burn Baby (Naxwell Festival Remix)
Rockstarzz - Magalenha (Naxwell Remix)
Jason Parker, Naxwell - Humanoid (Naxwell Remix)
PhatNoize - Discorrida (Naxwell Remix)
Seibaz, Simon Romano - Until the Music Stops (Naxwell Festival Mix)
Miguel & Chris - By Your Side (Naxwell Remix)
Chris Excess - The Way I Like It (Naxwell Festival Mix)
Red 5 - I Love You Stop (Naxwell Remix)
Pulsemaster DJ Team - Fiesta (Naxwell Remix)
Chris Oldman - Passion (Naxwell Remix)
Naxwell - Hungry Like the Wolf (Club Mix)
Chris Excess - Vamos a la Playa (Naxwell Remix)
Skreatch - Milkshake (Naxwell Remix 2013)
Jason Parker - Castles in the Sky (Naxwell Remix)
Markus D'Ambrosi, Marga Gonzales - Short Dick Man (Naxwell Remix)
Deadstar - You Touch My Love (Naxwell Dub Mix)
DJ Ti-S, Jeff Ryan - Take on Me (Naxwell Retro Mix)
Chris Excess - Why Don't You Dance with Me (Jason Parker Meets Naxwell Remix Edit)
Project Blue Sun, Ascandra - Dance into the Night (Naxwell Remix Edit)
John Done Syndicate - Mr. Boombastic (Naxwell Remix)
Naxwell - Electro Dance (Mega Mix 2k14)