VA – Gym Music 2016: Ultimate Workout [Bikini Sounds Rec.]

Electronic music – an wonderful symbiosis of cultural traditions from thither the globe

Eddy Chrome - In Love (Future Fitness Remix)
Blue Curacao - No One Knows (Aerobic Mix)
Fritzbeat - Your Hero (Radio Version)
Heartville - You Can Have It All (Festival Mix)
Bride Factory - I Loved Her in Ibiza (Balearic Radio Edit)
Destination Soul - On Fire (Fitness Edit)
California Sun - Touch the Sky (The Cardionauts Workout Cut)
Jamie My Angel - Runaway with Me (Running Beats Edit)
Discomaus - Running (Fit for Sound Edit)
Skaei - Into the Blue (Kiss Audio Fitness Mix)
Alex Phunk - Swept Away (Ibiza Workout Remix)
Yaneena - Again (Danceheat Remix Edit)
Prash - Bring That Bass (Radio Cut)
Melbourne Freaks - Trumpet Bounce (Radio Edit)
United States of Dance - We Are the Night (Radio Version)
Tommy Lazer - Whatever Happened (Spin Beats Mix)
Pearls Of Ibiza - I Live My Life (Mykel Mars Edit)
Elisabeat - If You Be Mine (1000 Miles Mix)
Afrochuck - The Dirty Workout Plan (The Gym Escalation Mix)
Sweet Emotions - Love Tonight (Radio Version)
Wolkenlos - You Can (Radio Edit)
Full of Soul - We Love House Music (Radio Version)
Balearic Kings - Can't Feel This (Disco Workout Edit)
Bassdevils - Beatmaniac (Dancehall Workout Mix)
Beydagi - Around the Word (Short Edit)
About Vegas - Hold On (Home Fitness Mix)
Accardi - Say (Power Aerobic Mix)
Agent Juno - Sunstorm (Trance Workout Mix)
Mydca - Everybody (The Sublovers Radio Remix)
Anthem Kings - Saxo (Nonstop Training Mix)
White Sand - Neverland (Radio Edit)
Bermuda Twins - The Sun (Running Trax Mix)
David Caruso - Open Arms (Get Sexy Mix)
DJ Sunny Boy - Live Your Life (Summer Fitness Mix)
Ibiza Groove Squad - I Don't (DJ Absinth Fitness Remix)
Michael Ruland - We Don't Need (Warm Up Mix)
Skaei - Fly with Me (Running Remix)
Starlounge - Head up High (Mykel Mars Fitness Mix)
Prince Ringo - Disco Star (Running Mix)