VA – Gqom Oh! X Crudo Volta Mixtape [Gqom Oh!]

The word Crudo ['kru:do] in Italian translates as "raw" and this is the overarching concept around the latest Gqom Oh! Release.

It is set to be in collaboration with Crudo Volta – a young Rome-based collective who focused on visual curation and dj culture. The mixtape is the soundtrack of the Woza Taxi documentary. Making the documentary in April 2016 – whilst visiting his artists and their families in Durban – label boss Nan Kole painstakingly narrowed down this selection of tracks for the release. The trip lent a tremendous amount of in-sight to Nan Kole, granting him both a detailed and broad view of the Gqom scene and what Gqom means to the youth of the township (for they consist the core music makers and listeners of Gqom).

Their unique sound, which took Europe by storm at the start of 2016, is a way for the youth in the township to express themselves – something that music does the world over – but moreover enables them to express their pride and experiences in their Zulu culture and history. Mawbestana from Forgotten Souls gave some insight into how the music was made. He said in the documentary "…Everyone thinks we have a mega studio with huge speakers but we are just 'Hlanganisa'.." Hlanganisa is a zulu word literally translated as 'putting together'; This refers to creating something out of the few elements available to you "…Just like when you scrape the bottom of a pan to get some food out of it.." cited Mawbestana.

Dominowe - Darbuka Tribe (Tribe Dance) (Original Mix)
Mafia Boyz - Toyizi ley'ngane (Original Mix)
Julz Da Deejay - Quantums and Qo (Original Mix)
Formation Boyz - dlala amaBenuBenu (Original Mix)
Citizen Boy - indaba ka bani besibenuza (Original Mix)
Emo Kid, WorstHood - Hennessy feat. WorstHood (Original Mix)
Cruel Boyz - Cruel Drumz (Original Mix)
TLC Fam - No 2 Beef (slima) (Original Mix)
Mafia Boyz - Bhengi yoKhalipha (Original Mix)
DJ Mabheko - Izinyosi (Core Tribe) (Original Mix)
Julz Da Deejay - Broken Souls (Original Mix)
Dominowe - Dark Valley (Core Tribe) (Original Mix)
TLC Fam - Umgcwabo weNdanda (Da 4th Term Mix)
Forgotten Souls, Dj Nerd - Blow My Mind feat. Dj Nerd (Original Mix)