VA – Goa Sun V.8 Progressive & Psytrance By Pulsar, Zweep, Dr. Spook & Random [GOA Records]

This radical issue was propelled by the obstinate fun loving Psy evangelist Pulsar & his suitable boon companion Zweep from Mexico, and co-compiled by San Francisco's own Dr. With your OM haul's hyper control engines primed for satiated trough-fleetness vanguard and the autopilot is set for the nub of the Sun and go, these sounds desire dream up the perfected ambience for your Goa expedition from sunset to sunrise. Now you can receive a morsel of the perturbation of the stealthy phenomena the Goa Rapture Occurrence. Goa key Inner Section joins push favorites like, Isralienn, Neon, Moaict and Desh bring over up the summer agitation. Coming on scantling for a globate stumble pilgrimage we acquire scads marvellous new & old friends who are pioneering the way from their habitation zones like SoundSpirit, Vuchur, Kazuki and Kyoto. Without exception pushing the limits and defining new boundaries, our respected corps delivers a brand new chapter so complete of astonishing songs that your gleaning when one pleases be the resentment of beings across the cosmos. The Goa Sun fabliau is side with with Book 8 and this unrivalled Revisionist & PsyTrance speculation launches into wait with a remarkable copy. This irritable group of the planets kindest masters and new wizards of Goa Brown study and Progressive Psychedelic assembly offers a roomy look into the trickery and indefiniteness of this species. Cogent highlights from this league of 23 incredibly established talents classify such famed masters as Elegy, Vimana & Hovercraft. Re-existent what is felt each weekend at hush-hush parties all over the planet held on beaches, forests, mountaintops, and deserts, indoors at warehouses, yoga/th studios, and living rooms. Sunrazers, Antaluk, Amos, Athu, JuraLuca get on directorship for a junket across the Cosmos. As continually this series comes groaning to the urgency with 20 unforgettable and mostly not in any degree once released hit tracks unruffled from every corner of our solar group. Spook along with key selections by Unspecific. Lektro Spektral Daze aka Unvaried Old Souls, Frangipani, DJane Gaby, Pulsar & Thaihanu and Zweep obtain mature familiarized contributors and outstanding in-homestead wonderful stars.

The Same Old Souls - Wandering the Trails in the Clouds (Original Mix)
Neon - Profound Understanding (Original Mix)
Isralienn - Mortality (Original Mix)
Antaluk - Dia Zero (Original Mix)
Vimana - Secret Society (Original Mix)
Elegy, Pulsar, Thaihanu, Djane Gaby - Sun (Original Mix)
Hovercraft - Ignition (Original Mix)
Moaiact - Revolution (Original Mix)
Pulsar, Zweep - Mezcal (Original Mix)
Desh - Estus Flask (Original Mix)
InnerZone - Analog Sunrise (Studio mix 2016)
Kyoto - Sundance (Original Mix)
Kazuki - Sinister Sunrise (Original Mix)
Sunrazers - Visual Image (Original Mix)
JuraLuca - Energy from the Sun (Original Mix)
Vuchur - Solar System (Original Mix)
Frangipani - Sunshine Forest (Original Mix)
SoundSpirit - Sunset Stories (Original Mix)
Athu - Sunset Drive (Original Mix)
Amos - Sun Goes Down (Original Mix)