VA – Goa Session By Outsiders [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]

OUTSIDERS. Recordings. For us it is a natural amusement to just now you with this prominent 383th unfetter on. An overview of their tru drop & adeptness into our progressi- ve half-consciousness milieu. The fruit is throughout 140 minutes of a chasmal & epic make into the Sense of two one of a kind Artists. As sufficiently tracks from well enough known producers like Faders, Fortissimo & Squander In Rattle, Mad Maxx, Symbolic & Waio, Lucas vs Laughing Buddha, Mad Seed. Included are their latest productions & collaboration works with Symbolic, Killerwatts, Raja Ram and Stirring Milieu (Shell The Quarter). We are proud to draw you the for ever anticipated 12th hoop-shaped! Providing their complete heed to accounted for right you with 2 CD's. The end result is a imagined tour into our c of abyssal psychedelic abstraction. Unknown could do it preferably than Israel's everybody acclaimed auteur's Haim Lev & Guy Malka. They'll endeavor to unlocked up their magical melodic cherish box for us. After the 11th hand out of our new "GOA SESSIONS" Series with "Skazi".

Outsiders, Symbolic - Life on Earth (Original Mix)
Circuit Breakers - Square Stomp (Outside the Universe Remix)
Outsiders - Our Moment Has Arrived (Original Mix)
Sonic Species - The First and the Last (Mad Maxx Remix)
Tristan - Enlightenment (Outsiders Remix)
Astral Projection - Let There Be Light (Outsiders Remix)
Lucas, Laughing Buddha - Revel with the Devil (Original Mix)
Electric Universe - Spacetime (Original Mix)
Raja Ram, Outsiders - Secret of the Magic Garden (Original Mix)
Wrecked Machines - Bandbox (Symbolic & Waio Remix)
Burn In Noise, Loud - A Real Good Time (Original Mix)
Pixel, Wrecked Machines - Mother Funker (Outsiders Remix)
1200 Micrograms - Hashish (Faders Remix)
Outsiders, Killerwatts - Space Travel (Original Mix)
Mad Tribe - Tuned in Perfectly (Original Mix)
Outside The Universe - Electric Memories (Original Mix)
Symbolic - Insidious (Electric Universe Remix)
Outsiders - Floating Point (Original Mix)