VA – Gloom Tales [GloOm Music]

Moroseness Music introduces its new V.A compilation 'Doldrums Tales'. Already with its heritage of awareness, Sorrow comes underwrite beyond delighting with 10 new new tracks; we choice again touch the combination of psytrance forest and groovy, with the most legate artists of the name and their extendable breaker. Compiled by Awwen, gourd of the m.

Overdream, Awwen - Moss Armonizer (Original Mix)
Elowinz, Spooky Hertz - Hyper Freak Fritz (Original Mix)
Mark Day - Use Your Head (Leopardtron Remix)
Overdream, Psypien - Galactic Cannibalism (Original Mix)
Khaoscope - Hexagon (Original Mix)
Isometric - Liquid Move (Original Mix)
Awwen, Uzz - Bagpackers (Original Mix)
Acid Tricks, Kamboo - Ocean Of Possibilities (Original Mix)
Ludopsy - Axis Nectar (Original Mix)
Bethad - Strange Things (Original Mix)