VA – Glamour House Club [Jumping Records]

The Charisma Clan Vibrations!Electronic music – an fabulous symbiosis of cultural traditions from approximately the everybody

Buck Hino - A Great Program Story (Viper Mix)
Daniel Grant - My Perfect Match (Cool & Deep Mix)
Andrea Pregnolato - Dancefloor (Jl & Afterman Antem Remix)
London Hotel - Beautiful Passion (Jeff Koimbra's Night Mix)
Gray Movement - Follow Me in My Mind (Ron Carlton's Club Mix)
Carl Debeer - Jazz Club Evening (The House Mix)
Tim Timmenberger - Dov'e' People (6th Floor House Mix)
The Twisters - Pusiano (Original Mix)
Yan Chano - Persevery (Da House Mix)
Hector Rubio - Waterworld (Underhouse Mix)
Level Of Encore - Sweepy (Eddie Castle's Deep Mix)
Ark Of Principle - Dream of the Tool (North Dreams Mix)
Constant Rhythms - If This Is Life (Ronnie Jacobson Mix)
Stefano Valli, DJ Commy - Mambo Diablo (Stefano Valli & DJ Commy Remix)
Stefano Valli Project - Ultra Flava (Real DJ Club RMX)
DJ Global Byte - Radio Ga Ga (Jl & Afterman Remix)