VA – Girl Power #1 [Digital Tides]

Girl Power #1 is a compilation especially with tracks for girl parties, women night's and fitness !
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Groove Coverage - Tell Me (Club Mix)
Tonfontäne - Sommergefuhle (Original Mix)
Kate Shaheera - Until the Morning Comes (House Edition) (Extended Mix)
Fucking Role Models - Leave Me Alone (Feat. Adeena) (Extended Mix)
Kenny Laakkinen, The Catch, Michael Ammer - 25 Years 2013 (Extended Mix)
Soul Bros. - Dance With Me (Extended Mix)
Vio - One Girl (Stephan F Extended)
Ranieri, Brothers - Escape (Extended Mix)
Deeplow - Limelight (DJane HouseKat Remix)
Geeno Fabulous - I'm So Horny (Feat. Young Sixx) (Extended Mix)
Roxor - Live for the Moment (Original Mix)
Noshima, Cr4fty - All Around the World (Extended Mix)
Madison - Save Me (Andre Lacoure Remix)
Lada - Endless (Original Mix)
Toka, Murano, Sidney King - Wolke 8 (Extended Mix)
De Vio, Enrico Antonio - Music & Some Love (Club Mix)
AntoNello Cerri - Switch Off (Extended Mix)
Kent Funkshun - Catch That Moment (Original Mix)
SMP, Sunray, Annakiya - Ich will dich (Alva Edison Remix)
Alfida - B.B. Habibi (Original Mix)
Enrico Bariello - Out of My Mind (Chris Janitor & Fyzikal Remix)
Escon - Angel Eyes (Dennis Kaito Remix)
Patrick Hofmann, Soundplayerzz - Matter (Original Mix)
Evan Virgan - Secrets (Feat. Cindy Bernadette) (Original Mix)
Danny Twice - Killing Me (Original Mix)
X-Cess! - Rockstar (Deniz Rain Remix)
DJ Rosso - Now That You're Gone (Extended Version)
Addicted Craze, Justin Corza, Greg Blast - Could It Be Love (E-Grooves Remix)
Mel, Propellaheadz - Catwalk (Godlike Music Port Remix)
Dutch, Tale - Unattainable Love (Extended Mix)