VA – Future Retro Tech Science Fiction – Deep Electronic Space Drone [Sofa Sessions]

46 tracks to intermission out on Ambient Profound Forebears Techno Dub Jazzy Electronic Loaf Coffee Bar Music Electronica Healing DronesElectronic music – an astonishing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the clique

Riccicomoto - Cauze My Babe Loves Me (Instrumental Edit)
Stefan Weise, Sousk - Lageos (Original Mix)
Klartraum - Map of Truth (Sofa Session Deep Mix)
Tim Engelhardt - Archipelago (Weisses Licht Remix)
Yapacc, Ricky Erre Love - Jetstream (Sebastian Albrecht's Fluffy Cloud Remix)
Riccicomoto - Get Ready (Feat. Elimar) (MJ Beck Remix)
Tonepushers - Eschaton (Beatless)
Aashya - Basic Channel Delta (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto - Turn Over (Jazzyhuana Edit)
Worldwide Groove Corporation - Make Me Free (Water Lily Chillout Mix)
Gold Monk - Who Am I (Original Mix)
Klartraum - Shaman (Sofa Session Deep Flow)
Manuel De Lorenzi - Another Day (Original Mix)
Aashya - Dub Channel Alpha (Original Mix)
Vynyard - Aurora Borealis (Original Mix)
Manuel De Lorenzi - 50 Seconds (Original Mix)
Jon Donson - Ferus (Helmut Ebritsch Remix)
Manuel De Lorenzi - Landing (Original Mix)
Helmut Ebritsch - Souls Transmitting (Original Mix)
Manna From Sky - Feelings Collected (Oscar Cornell Textures Remix)
Manna From Sky - Fills in the Gaps (Original Mix)
Gold Monk - Fatal Attraction (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto - What Is Real (Original Mix)
Alex Boneti - Les sables noirs (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto - Inshallah (Weisses Licht Edit)
Tonepushers - Elate (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto - Ver Felix T (Dubub Da Jazz Edit)
Mario Tamasi, Gjidoda - Kaiku (Deep Spelle Remix)
Aashya - Dub Cat Delta (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto - Double Zero Theme (Original Mix)
Mario Tamasi, Gjidoda - Kaiku (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto - Real Road (Original Mix)
Vynyard - Lunar Eclipse (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto, Jojo - Emily (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto - Inshallah (Kiano & Below Bangkok Remix)
Nunc - Andromeda (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto - Holometabol (Andreas Weisz Remix)
Francesco Tarallo - Cellar Bottle 1 (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto - Shadows and Lights (Pazul & Deepling Remix)
Stefan Weise, Sousk - When We Were Free (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto - Tradegy of Dr. Evil (Feat. Clarice) (Original Mix)
Nick Robson - Under Shelter (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto - Susan (Feat. Elimar) (Original Mix)
Nunc - Groovesphere (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto - Area 51 (Deep Version)
Aashya - Sacred Love Alpha (Original Mix)