VA – Ft. [Plastique Recordings]

Electronic music – an staggering symbiosis of cultural traditions from on all sides the humanity

Crystal Waters, HiFi Sean - Testify feat. Crystal Waters (Original Mix)
HiFi Sean, Norman Blake - 18th feat. Norman Blake (Original Mix)
HiFi Sean, Yoko Ono - In Love With Life feat. Yoko Ono (Original Mix)
HiFi Sean, Bootsy Collins - Atomium feat. Bootsy Collins (Original Mix)
HiFi Sean, David McAlmont - Like Josephine Baker feat. David McAlmont (Original Mix)
Paris Grey, HiFi Sean - Lost Without You feat. Paris Grey (Original Mix)
HiFi Sean, Dave Ball - Ultratheque feat. Dave Ball (Original Mix)
HiFi Sean, Fred Schneider - Truck feat. Fred Schneider (Original Mix)
Jean Honeymoon, HiFi Sean - Monday Morning Sunshine feat. Jean Honeymoon (Original Mix)
HiFi Sean, Little Annie - You're Just Another Song feat. Little Annie (Original Mix)
Billie Ray Martin, HiFi Sean - Heavy Game feat. Billie Ray Martin (Original Mix)
HiFi Sean, Maggie K De Monde - Heartbreak House feat. Maggie K De Monde (Original Mix)
Alan Vega, HiFi Sean - A Kiss Before Dying feat. Alan Vega (Original Mix)