VA – From Deep To House [Lips Records]

Electronic music – an staggering symbiosis of cultural traditions from throughout the sphere

Patrik Remington - Walk Along the River (Compact House Mix)
Zendero Project - One Thing Important (Ron Roquefold Mix)
Rick Roqueford - Back Again Tomorrow (Houseland Mix)
Zenzero House Project - Run Fatboy (Emerald Cote Mix)
Victor Preston - Love Me Harder (Frequency Mix)
Playa Guitarra - Walk Along the Road (Ibiza Beach Mix)
Mark Gee - Something About Me (Paradise Beach Mix)
Doctor Sound - I Want to Change You (Samuel Dix Mix)
House Vicious - Summer Leaves (Club Mix)
Skygroove - Clouds on Horizon (Elevation & Salvation Mix)
Condor 69 - Turn up the Music (Under Mix)
Jean Claude Pichet - One Last Time (House Dreams Mix)
The House Bros - When I Was You (Rhythm Republic Mix)
House People - Above All Else (Guitarra Mix)
Titus Fereder - Devil's Knot (Olympia Mix)
Sunset Project - The Break Gap (Guitar Mix)
Klaus Andreas Lindenberg - Order Blues (House Frequency Mix)