VA – Frequencies Of The Mind Iii [Mindtrick Records]

"Most people maintain the recollection to be a replication, more or less accurately reflecting the area front them, not realizing on the opposite that the insight is itself the important piece of the universe."

Atiq - Frequencies Of The Mind III Intro (Original Mix)
Funckarma - Holdgaze (Legiac Remix)
SB-SIX - Subconscious (Original Mix)
Aeon Waves - Gaia (Original Mix)
EVS - State of Stretch (Original Mix)
Atiq - Inside The Vessel (Original Mix)
The Travel - Demby Surround (Original Mix)
Tangent - Delusion (Original Mix)
huron - Impulsion (Original Mix)
The Thing With Five Eyes - Live At The Nocturnus (Original Mix)
Rlyeh1 - Out There In The Dark (Original Mix)
Known Rebel - Euridyce (Original Mix)
He3dless - Sold (Original Mix)
Delete (RU) - Trolley Of Thought (Original Mix)
Suboctane - Shooting Stars (Original Mix)
Eusebeia - In The Cut (Original Mix)