VA – Focus:001 Forteba [Ready Mix Records]

Welcome to the debut of our new 'Focus' compilation series where we highlight an artist's past and present work released through our labels.

Focus:001 shines the light on a super talented Hungarian producer named 'Forteba' who's been active with us on the remix front for a very long time.

Focus:001 showcases all of Forteba's past and present work which includes remixes for guys like Duel, Onur Ozman, Moti Brothers, G-Spice, Savvas, Deep Technique, Mika Olson, Roby Deep, Addex, Qmusse & Dubaa, Fer Ferrari, Marco Grandi and Mattik & No Rabbitz.


Duel - Jackfruit (Forteba Remix)
Moti Brothers - The Beginning (Forteba Remix)
G Spice - The Way (Forteba Remix)
Nica Brooke, Onur Ozman - Awakening Feat. Nica Brooke (Forteba Remix)
Nica Brooke, Onur Ozman - Awakening (Forteba Instrumental Mix)
Savvas - Running Out Of My Heart (Forteba Remix)
Ange, Deep Technique - Shot Feat. Ange (Forteba Remix)
Deep Technique - Shot (Forteba Remix)
Mika Olson - Deep Blue Chair (Forteba Remix)
Roby Deep - Love For Us (Forteba Remix)
Addex - Only Dust Remains (Forteba Remix)
Moti Brothers - Miami (Forteba Remix)
QMUSSE, Dubaa - Message (Forteba Remix)
Fer Ferrari - Relaxcha (Forteba Remix)
Marco Grandi - Soulounge (Forteba Remix)
Mattik, No Rabbitz - The Time Is Now (Forteba Remix)