VA – Flower And Handsup Power, Vol.1 [Dirty Budapest]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Candy Shop - Feel It (Original Mix)
DJ Bud - All This Time (Sl1kz Remix)
Johnny K. Palmer, Freeg, Flava & Stevenson - Stronger (Club Mix)
Dj N-dee Cut - Heart (Extended Mix)
Skaei - Have It All (Eddy Chrome Remix Edit)
American Groove Junkies - Reach You (Radio Version)
Mind Strong - High Time (Del Mar Mix)
Tildbros - African Vibe (Jazzy Sax Mix)
Sasan Eda - Fly Away (Original Mix)
Dj N-dee Cut - Heart (Sunny Deejay Radio Mix)
James Marley, Nathan Brumley - Summer Won't Wait (Extended Mix)
Samone - Here I Am (Original Mix)
Ted Newtone - Stronger (Club Edit)
Boogiemonster - No Love (Original Mix)
P.n.o - In the Air (Original Mix)
Ranieri, Brothers - My Battle (Trvpers Mix)
Luke Meyers - Play House (Vocal Edit)
Phil Moorey - The Disco Dice (Original Mix)
Candy Rose, Shadow X - Dismissed (Party Mix)
Naxwell - Fade to Grey (Native U Remix)
Prash - Bring That Bass (Radio Cut)
Tosch - Raise 'Em Up (Club Version)
Yaneena - Again (Danceheat Remix)
California Sun - Touch the Sky (Mydca Radio Remix)
Discomaus - Running (Fit for Sound Instrumental Edit)
Maurizio Piacente, Dalise - Like That Wave (Original Mix)
DJ Dnk, Nika Dostur - You Can't Stop Me (Radio Edit)
Tildbros - She Knows (Ultra Short Festival Mix)
Marco Stage - Celebration (Original Mix)
Selectyves - Kontinental (Original Mix)
Marc Van Slow - All Love You (Original Mix)
Jimmy de la Mar - Start Again (Original Mix)
Wyatt Ocean - Delirium (Original Mix)
Tavengo - Get Down (Original Mix)
Andrea, DJ S-Effection - The Night of Your Dreams (Radio Edit)
Garik Bears - Smacchio (Extended Mix)
Dario Synth, Simon Dekkers - Smash (Javier Olivares Remix)
Gianlupo - You Make Me Feel so Good (Original Mix)
Right Mood - Lots of Broken Glass (Original Mix)
Say Silver - Temperature (Original Mix)
Ivan Herb - Future EDM (Original Mix)
Tildbros - Mind Me Up (Instrumental Mix)
Jack & Jones - Without You (E39 Club Version)
Marq Aurel, Rayman Rave - Another Way (Radio Edit)
Stereoliner - The Truth (Club Mix)
Synergetic Minds - Yell (Original Mix)
Sugapop - Elysion (Radio Version)
Starlounge - Head up High (Skaei Remix)