VA – Flamenco [Ushuaia Traxx]

Diverse Artists – Flamenco is the latest unchain on Ushuaia Traxx.Electronic music – an stunning symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the planet

Ratbagz - Animal (Original Mix)
Ratbagz - Bulletproof (Original Mix)
Ratbagz - Kinky Trix (Original Mix)
Ratbagz - Nrg Switch (Original Mix)
Ratbagz - On The Up (Original Mix)
Subself - Duck Kicker (Original Mix)
Subself - Action Stations (Original Mix)
Subself - Cage Breaker (Original Mix)
Subself - Cobra (Original Mix)
Subself - Dialect (Original Mix)
Subself - Sparked Out (Original Mix)
The Menacer - Couldren (Original Mix)
The Menacer - Metallic Daydream (Original Mix)
The Menacer - Terrabeat 3000 (Original Mix)
Jo Lama, Kris Lama - Techno Menace (Original Mix)
John Rise - Caracas (3Friends, Mar-K Piano Remix)
John Rise - Caracas (Nik Ros Remix)
John Rise - Caracas (Original Mix)
John Rise - Just Do It (Original Mix)
Joshua Puerta - Liverty (Matt Klast Remix)
Joshua Puerta - Liverty (Original Mix)
Kaiq, Nik Ros - Bird House (Original Mix)
Kaiq, Nik Ros - Bounced Jazz (Original Mix)
Kaiq, Nik Ros - Flamenco (Andrea Colina Remix)
Kaiq, Nik Ros - Flamenco (Original Mix)