VA – Fitness Sensations (the Best And Hottest Workout Beats) [RexxBeatz]

The best and hottest workout beats for fitness
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Paul Farrin - Healing Backing Reprise (Original Mix)
Wrong Plane - Coming Home (Original Mix)
Mr Lucky, Ziggy & Zoggy, B2 - Running Up That Hill (Original Mix)
Farrin & Winters - Running Out of Oxygen (Original Mix)
Wrong Plane - The Reaper (Romeo & Juliet) (Original Mix)
Lisaya, Vechigen - Do Not (Progressive Mix)
B2 - Enter the Game (Original Mix)
I5land, Christopher Kaufmann - Bukowski (Feat. J.A.Z.Z.Y.) (I5land Remix)
Morty van Son - What Time Is It? (Original Mix)
AudioRunners, B2 - Minimal Snack (Friteuse Mix)
Xam, Morty van Son - The End of the World (Original Mix)
Alexey Yakimov - Sky (Slavic Invasion Edit)
Matt Pincer - Venice (LekSin Remix)
Mike Meade - Red Arrow (Original Mix)