VA – First Class House [Avocado Mango Soup]

Electronic music – an dazzling symbiosis of cultural traditions from there the everybody

Kubo - My Night (Vtech's House Mix)
Markus Versus - The Cat with the Boots (Selecta House Mix)
Paul Klain - Nice Evening (Montgomery Groove Mix)
Chrome Inc. - Movin' Straight (Da King Mix)
Camden Groove - Totally Under Water (J&m Mix)
John Boss - Night Walk (Victor Montreal's House Mix)
Life Elements - Original Man (Captiva Mix)
Markinho Lupos - Latitude (Star Rhythms Mix)
One Beats - Over the City (Solid Groove Mix)
John Boss - The Fun (Conko Mix)
Ron Castle - Tom Can Get (Martin Effe Mix)
Rony Askott - Taste of Arabia (Armand Gucci's n.Y.C. Mix)
Seventh Groove - Ride into Town (Mark Day's House Mix)
Suburban Connection - Us Do Everything (Night Mix)
Sunray - Natural Experiments (Absolute Progression Mix)
Titus Fereder - Meridian Line (Republic Mix)
Purple Beach - Loop Mechanical (Tim Kota's Consecutive Mix)
Larry Groove - Relaxing Song (89th Street Mix)
Urban Life - Over the Border (Deep Grooves Mix)
Vlassis Leonidas - Pace in Quarters (Lookout Mix)