VA – Fashion Beats 2016.1 [Andorfine Records]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Andre Picar, Daniel van Bjerg, Yasemin - Walking Out feat. Yasemin (Radio Mix)
Selecta, Steve Cypress, Latoya R. - Good Time feat. Latoya R. (Original Edit)
Sunloverz - Summer of Love 2K13 (Dancecom Project Radio Edit)
Slin Project, Rene De La Mone - Baby Do You Know (Mike Candys & Jack Holiday Remix Cut)
Simeon - Morning Light (Radio Mix)
John Bounce - This Is My Time (Radio Mix)
Jaybee, Alan Patrick - All Systems Red feat. Alan Patrick (Radio Mix)
Karami - Ultra (Story of Our Lives) (Edit)
Chris Wittig, Patrick Metzker - We Are the Future (Radio Edit)
Dub Deluxe, Jenson Vaughan - Now or Never feat. Jenson Vaughan (Original Edit)
Mike W. - Break of Dawn (Radio Edit)
Romy, Chant Le Grand - Party Once Again feat. Romy (Radio Edit)
Pit Bailay, Glamrock Brothers - Pump It Up feat. Pit Bailay (Original Edit)
Sky Inc. - Our Time (Edit)
Pete Sunset, Ron Ravolta - Follow Your Heart feat. Ron Ravolta (Club Edit)
Avejio - Run Away (Radio Edit)
KRMB - Plucky (Radio Edit)
Lewis, Karami, Remzeg - Open Your Eyes feat. Remzeg (Edit)
Homeaffairs - Let's Go (Radio Edit)
Alex De Vito - Like a 12 Inch (Radio Edit)
Sam Walkertone, Francis Matthew - Then I Remember feat. Francis Matthew (Secret Layor Remix Edit)
Native U, Elaine Winter, Zeeza - Electric Heart feat. Elaine Winter (Radio Edit)
Jo, Xtance - You Rock My World feat. Jo (Tarabass Dance Remix Edit)
Matteo Madde, Jean Diarra - Moon Light Shaker (Slin Project & Alfonso Mosca Remix Edit)
Sunshine State, PLSCB, Onix Lan - Tonight (Radio Edit)
Calectro, Anthony Paris - Play & Dance feat. Anthony Paris (Radio Edit)
Robbie G, Freaking Beats - Shining in the Lights feat. Robbie G (Radio Edit)
Salvatore, Christian Tanz - Rocking on the Floor (Radio Edit)
Phil Dinner, Shahara - Partycrasher feat. Shahara (Radio Edit)
Romy, Chant Le Grand - Dance Forever feat. Romy (Radio Edit)
Pete Sunset, Ron Ravolta - Wenn ich dich spür feat. Ron Ravolta (Vocal Mix Edit)
DJ Remx - Keep on Moving (Gordon & Doyle Oldschool Remix Edit)
Van Snyder - You (Enyo & Mario Ayuda Remix Edit)
Attex - Stand Up (Club Edit)
Mals, Mordax Bastards, Driss Farrio - The Daughter (Sweet Little Girl) feat. Driss Farrio (Radio Mix)