VA – Evidence Of Intense Beauty [Audiobulb Records]

Electronic music – an staggering symbiosis of cultural traditions from all about the universe

Clem Leek - At the Mercy of Waves (Original Mix)
Wil Bolton - Slate (Original Mix)
Sawako - Piano Mist (Original Mix)
The OO-Ray - Palimpsests (Original Mix)
A Dancing Beggar - There Is Hope Here (Original Mix)
Taylor Deupree - Sea Last (Excerpt) (Original Mix)
Autistici - Heated Dust on a Sunlit Window (Original Mix)
Causeyoufair - There I Lay and Time Imperfections (Original Mix)
Richard Chartier - Recurrence (Transparency.Studio) - Alternate Passage (Original Mix)
Ian Hawgood - Feeling My Way Blindly Back Home (Original Mix)
Marcus Fischer - Cascadia Obscura (Original Mix)
Melodium - Something You Lost (Original Mix)
Monty Adkins - With Small Hands (Original Mix)
Porya Hatami - Autumn (Original Mix)
Antonymes - 301210 (Original Mix)
Listening Mirror - Outside Heaven (Original Mix)
Pascal Savy - Fading Colours (Original Mix)