VA – Essential Deephouse [Red Kiss]

The Fundamental Mysterious Home of Red Smack RecordsElectronic music – an wonderful symbiosis of cultural traditions from round the everybody

Ruadh Munro - Joe Sax (Original Mix)
Kay Christopher - Kalimba (Original Mix)
Peebee - Bee Constructing (Original Mix)
Connell Josiah - Last Call (Original Mix)
Philippe Antonin - Waterloo Line (Original Mix)
Geoffrey Wilfred - Watching You (Original Mix)
Danny Tylar - Blow (Original Mix)
Micah Sinjin - See You When I Get There (Original Mix)
Chile Lavern - Milky Way (Original Mix)
Tolly Brody - Azul (Original Mix)
Dubaku Ufuoma - Do It Sam (Original Mix)
The Sound of Maratea - Hypson Laurie (Deep Costa Mix)
Beach Project - In Nacht Und Eis (Berlin Deep Mix)
Ronald Jefferson - The Old Actor (Deeba Deep Mix)
Deep Flowers - Reality for Me (Sonoria Mix)
Christopher Latella - Posters On Hoarding (Deep Mix)