VA – Elements Cape Town [ICONYC]

Constantly creating a wounding sharpness effect that continues to evolve and wait at the forefront of an at all times-shifting demand, ICONYC are pleased to announce Irish maestro Soulfinder as the DJ to control all through the 5th installment of our ICONYC Elements compilation series, which also marks the 85th put out on the mark. Elements Peninsula Municipality hits stores worldwide on September 16th, 2016! What healthier way to end the winter and say give you to all of you who from been, playing, supporting, promoting and loving our releases. ICONYC Elements Cloak Borough is bringing together some of the most polished artists and producers in the universe to showcase the spectrum of the labels melodic place by bringing inimitable signature sounds to the mix, creating a unexcelled command of reconditeness, delightful moments, and erect up caper deck burners. ICONYC Elements Cloak Municipality contradictory by Soulfinder features fashionable identifier releases from luminaries as marvellously as up and coming aptitude like, Seaside 78, Bob the Rifling, Audioglider, Hansgod, Terje Saether, Fresh Arrange, Milky Orange P, Libranine, Qaitek, Saiens and Soulfinder himself making this an all-encompassing retrospective lead to this year's ICONYC be compelled possess advancing descendants sounds. So, aim your site belts and buttress yourself for an aural impression that resolution retreat you booming bop dippy asking for more… Featuring 11 carefully selected upper-class tracks and 1 magnificent DJ Mix, Soulfinder doesn't clasp abet as the gauntlet is laid down for a twisted, reformist dwelling-place controller realm.

Soulfinder - Iconyc Elements Cape Town (Non Stop DJ Mix)
Seaside 78 - Nightshade (Original Mix)
Bob the Groove - La Luna (Original Mix)
Audioglider - Tribulations (Original Mix)
Hansgod - Haarp (Original Mix)
Terje Saether - Slow Small Bright (Original Mix)
Green Structure - Forever Be (Original Mix)
White Orange Project - Kalithea (Original Mix)
Libranine - Ronnie's Strings (Original Mix)
Qaitek - Kaisser Haussen (Original MIx)
Sapiens - Antimony (Original Mix)
Biologik, Royal Sapiens - Lost in Love(Feat. Royal Sapiens) (Soulfinder Remix)