VA – Electronica Deluxe – A Premium Selection Of Modern Electronic Beats [House On Wheels]

Electronica Deluxe – A Scanty Option Of Current Electronic Beats aside from Mainstream Electronic Music.Electronic music – an dazzling symbiosis of cultural traditions from hither the people

Andres Caballero - Burbury Wannabe (Original Mix)
Intergalactic Traveller - Andromeda (Electronic Mix)
Los Dilletantos - What I Must Do (Original Mix)
Andre Salmon, Merac - People Is Growing Outside the Air (Original Mix)
The Silicone Savages - Paper Demons (Scene One) (Original Mix)
Late Night Circus - Trapezium (Original Mix)
Merac - Krypt (Original Mix)
Andre Salmon - Entra!! (Original Mix)
Daze - Try to Love Me (Original Mix)
Utopia Research - Eco Logic Brain (Original Mix)
Alexis Birnbaum - Dreams & Machines, Pt. 1 (Original Mix)
Olof Liliengren, Kristofer Ulfves - Terminal (Original Mix)
DuoScience - Try a Little (Original Mix)
Stratos, Arara - Intimate Talk (V.Sexion Talk to Talk Remix)
Rumle - Naked Children (Original Mix)
Bocuma - Of What (Original Mix)
Applescal - Life of Chen (Original Mix)
Electrofilm - My Favorite Ducks Flew Home (Original Mix)
Laora Gems - Whales in Love (Original Mix)
Hoffmannstrasse - The Music Sound's Changes Your Soul (Original Mix)