VA – Electro Trip [FMC Phonograph]

Electro House Compilation. Satisfy Your Mind.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Darell Sage - Confusion (Electro City Mix)
Garrett Reid - Two More Seconds (Angel Beat Mix)
Bernie Zacarias - Mad Ride (House Mix)
Huay Kwang - Prime Time (Mark Fasser Mix)
Clyde Beckett - Just Right (Electro & House Movement Mix)
Libra, Makako - Older Man feat. Libra (Plastic Groove Mix)
Tech Apes - The Root of Goodness (Night Tribe Mix)
Mantero - The Squaw's Love (Electric Noyze Mix)
Just Rhythms - Fighting Blood (Black Mamba Mix)
Big Kaimann - The Stuff Heroes Are Made Of (Hot & Hard Mix)
Black Traxx - A Woman Scorned (Tribal Club Mix)
Cube 3 - Rusalka (Kuboid Mix)
Syntetic Lovers - Love in the Hill (Karisma Mix)
Ultra Groove - Flima Truppe (Paradise Beach Tribal Mix)
Black Groove - Saved from Your Self (Side 2 Mix)
Tribe 4 Tribal - Babylas (Plastic Tribal Mix)
Subliminal Conscience - Conscience (The Rhythms Mix)
Mdonn - The Man to Beat (Man & Drake Mix)
Beatz Lovers - Play the Funky Junk (Tony Pakett Eletribe Mix)
Fanthomas - Fat Boy Comedian (Tribalogic Mix)