VA – Electro Splash [Urban White Monkeys]

Electronic music – an stunning symbiosis of cultural traditions from throughout the the world at large

J Osada - Swing Cats (Electro Swing) [QAXT New Sounds] (Original Mix)
Roeland Ruijsch - When My Heart (QAXT New Sounds)
Ikiro - Crazy Filter Rocking Dance (QAXT New Sounds)
Inner Smile - Let's Dance (The Perez Brothers Remix) [QAXT New Sounds] (Original Mix)
Fab Claxton - Swamp Water (QAXT New Sounds)
Rokuro - Electromotive (QAXT New Sounds)
Pedro Costa - Out of the Bush (QAXT New Sounds)
Louise Tremblay - Don't Let the Rain Fall On Me (QAXT New Sounds)
Ian Kirton - Interfusion (QAXT New Sounds)
Julian Van Den Boom - Get a Second Life (QAXT New Sounds)