VA – Electro Beach [Avocado Mango Soup]

Electronic music – an extraordinary symbiosis of cultural traditions from ’round the humankind

Aqua Gamer - We Are Noir (Crazy City Mix)
Institute Of Khino - Zauro Motive (Motivation Mix)
Handsome Hetero - Syncoenergy (Mazurk Mix)
Beyond Project - Playback (Man Mix)
Gordon Garcia - Digitized Lobsters (Robotik Mix)
Salinas Lira - Under Authority (Electro Authority Mix)
Avian 9 - Black Motor (E Mix)
Slot Wire - Big Black Fish (Agent 009 Mix)
Daft Smooch - Exosonus (Electro Mix)
Bjorn Brooijmans - Logic Fitness (Logical Mix)
Blunt Pup - Blood Is Forever (City Groove Mix)
Ema Buck - Silicone Darkness (Doctor Renoir's Electro Mix)
Kagir Vizirov - Park's Photo (Franky Elekrto Mix)
Except Pixel - Born to Die (M.G.T. Electro Mix)
Kari Palo - Orion Space (Takko's Electro Mix)
Michael Epps - Methodical (K&k Saturn Mix)
Norma Reagan - Ring of Stick (Don Barrio Mix)
Ovlur Dratchev - Night Rhythm (Matrix Mix)
Ridd Huffman - Cut of Everything (Electrik Air Mix)
The Counterfeit - Corporate Women (E2 Mix)
Sassy Power - Realverse (Crockodile Mix)
Skye Hammond - What Are You Doing (Dance Mix)
Union Of Black - Short Mind (E House Mix)
Real Suggestion - Free Division (E Division Mix)
Michael Epps - Illogical (Space Relict Mix)