VA – Downtempo Session [Astrolabe Recordings]

Electronic music – an awesome symbiosis of cultural traditions from nearly the life

Bianco Soleil - Maybe Friends (Chill Version)
Insigo - Walking into the Void (Original Mix)
Monostoria - She's Gone (Original Mix)
Owen Ear - Through the Water (Original Mix)
Van - Rain Bue Sayrosa (Original Mix)
My 7Sky - In My Heart Will Always Be a Place for You (Original Mix)
MESSIAH project - Deep Breath (Original Mix)
Doors In The Sand - Moments Disappear (Original Mix)
Mr.Udjin - Sunrise (Original Mix)
Yakush Project - Flight to the Next World (Original Mix)
Mr.Udjin - Breath of Cyprus (Original Mix)
Chillum - Goa Pulse (Original Mix)
MESSIAH project - Mirrors (Original Mix)
Alexander Volosnikov - Toward the Camp Fire (Original Mix)
My 7Sky - Peep of Day (Original Mix)
Vladimir Belyaev - Loneliness (Original Mix)
Philip Aniskin - Voice of the Wind (Original Mix)
Stanislav Green - In Expectation of Life (Part-2)
Vasiliy Ostapenko - Polar Day (Original Mix)
Nemaier - Amber (Original Mix)