VA – Dj Zombi – All About… [Iboga Records]

Iboga Records is proud to present a 14 track tech-infused progressive house compilation by Dj Zombi, a renegade of the of the Israeli progressive scene. Also known for his duo side project Weekend Heroes, Dj Zombi has been fully dedicated to enriching the tech house scene for over a decade. Apart from his dj and live act, he also runs his label Beat Boutique Records, with 4* tracks from the label represented on this compilation. All artists featured on this comp are friends and colleagues, which makes this release a gathering of friends, who just so happen to be some of the finest that the progressive/tech-house scene has to offer. With 10 of the 14 tracks previously unreleased, this selection is pretty much as fresh as it gets.

Noise Corrupted - Painting Dreams (Original Mix)
Tripswitch - Proximity Effect (Original Mix)
Matan Caspi - Ambrosia (Original Mix)
Andrea Bertolini - Types & Genres (Original Mix)
SEQU3L - Far Beyond Saturn (Original Mix)
Sleek - Solar (Original Mix)
Criss Source - The Essex (Original Mix)
Dark Soul Project - Infinto (Original Mix)
Lian July, Chris Odium - Black Sun (Scott James Remix)
Antix - Sparky (Original Mix)