VA – Disco Soul Vibes [SedSoul]

The compilation comprise fourteen highclass dancetracks that resolve put out your ass disappoint and your hips be suspended. Finish b kill your dancing shoes , veer on your laser and fog gadget and boogie all incessa large . We capture you on a cruise from the fashionable 70s tot the early 80s. Its the give back of disco, spized up with lots of woman.

James Day - We Dance (Feat. Maysa Leak) (Cool Million Remix)
Kiki Kyte - Disco Chick (Original Mix)
Cool Million, Laura Jackson - Give It Up (Yuki T-Groove Xtended)
Ryle - Never Gonna Let You Go (Feat. Seest) (M+M Main Mix)
Ferry Ultra, Boris Jennings - Good Times (Original Mix)
Natasha Watts - Make It (Original Mix)
Yvette, Drop Out Orchestra - I Got It (Original Mix)
Marc Evans, Cool Million - Dontcha Wanna Dance (12" Mix)
Rocco Careri, Arturo Macchiavelli, Eric King - Hot Butterfly (Rob Hardt Rework)
Leroy Burgess - It's the Weekend (Patchworks Remix)
Diane Marsh - Love U Right (Yuki T-Groove Remix)
Cool Million, Matic - Oh! (Feat. Porter Caroll Jr.) (Dimitri from Paris Extended US Remix)
Mothertune, Jay W. McGee - Perfection (7inch Mix)
Donald McCollum - No Matter What (Original Mix)