VA – Dewa Groove`s [Dewa Music]

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Distributed by Triplepoint – Wonderful compiled from pubescent universal flair, looking for something esoteric've created Dewa Stria`s! Dewa Music presents: Dewa Rifling`s! With artists such as: Eder Tobes, Anne7, Tavo At the beck, Kfth, Daniel Diaz, John Vertel, Citlali Rojas, Guillermo Castillo, Adrian Sanchez, Alaan H, DanicoDJ, Van Cromore, Di Santo, QMore
Wonderful rifle and at the mercy of impossible!

Eder Tobes - Paz (Original Mix)
Tavo Under - MotherFucker (Original Mix)
Kfth - Urban Groove´s (Original Mix)
Daniel Diaz - Realidad (Original Mix)
Eder Tobes - Underground Groove´s (John Vertel Remix)
Eder Tobes - Underground Groove´s (Citlali Rojas Remix)
Guillermo Castillo - Nonsenc (Original Mix)
Alaan H - Gangster Pride (Eder Tobes Remix)
Adrian Sanchez - Do Not Stop (Original Mix)
Alex House, MoonDark - Sunrise (Original Mix)
Jair Ydan - Low Ride (Original Mix)
Eder Tobes, Carlos.M - Back (Original Mix)
DanicoDJ - Mi Heredero (Van Cromore Remix)
QMore - That Funky (Original Mix)