VA – Delta Deep Vol.1 [Black Delta Records]

Delta Deep vol.1 brings you into the shades of the best tunes.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Michael Nevsky - The Sense Of Silence (Original Mix)
Samov Stock - Calm Before The Storm (Original Mix)
UGARSON - Stairway To Heaven (Original Mix)
Deepy Dee - Visions (Original Mix)
Afanasyev - All Night Long (Original Mix)
Solium - Sound Of Zainsk (Original Mix)
Andy Holensen - Starlite (Dub Night Mix)
Groofeo - Deep Night (Original Mix)
Mogwali - Sonar (Original Mix)
Ilya Garbuz - Smoker (Original Mix)
d.I.M.. - Inside (Original Mix)
Telezhka - Something Better (Original Mix)
Ingvarr - Night Of Love (Original Mix)
Dmitry Pertsev - Papa Baby (Original Mix)
Nikko_Lay - Find You (Original Mix)
Danis Deep - Envision (Original Mix)
Crono - Kiss Of Spring (Original Mix)