VA – De/konstruk/ted Soundscapes Of Dublin Vol.1 [Record Union]

Electronic music – an staggering symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the the world at large

Happiness Cage - Happiness Cage - Into Gold (Original Mix)
Dorota Konchevska - Dorota Konchevska - Curl Up And Die (Original Mix)
Broken Symbiosis - Broken Symbiosis - Night.Drive.1 (Dublin is banging) (Original Mix)
PolyGlove - Polyglove - RM13 (Original Mix)
Alien Hand - Alien Hand - In Barren Gardens (Original Mix)
Kyle Jan - Kyle Jan - Unearth (Original Mix)
Robert Mash Tomcik - Robert Mash Tomcik - Highly Extracted (Original Mix)
Core Minimal - Core Minimal - Banshee (Original Mix)
Crabby - Crabby - Circular (Original Mix)
Sinead Keogh - Sinead Keogh - Transcendental (Original Mix)
The Nihilist - The Nihilist - Forgotten Lullaby (Original Mix)
dBT - dBT - (for Marshal McLuhan) (Original Mix)