VA – Deephouse Anthology [Giverny Music]

Surprising Deephouse Compilation with a lot of impossible tracks produced by artists like Rocketpunk, Kaxamalka, Chiffre 100, Simplex Sensus and numberless more…

Circuito Zeta - Bass Cooker (Original Mix)
Simplex Sensus - New Privileges (Original Mix)
Chiffre 100 - Backshore (Original Mix)
Mighty Real - Cherry Pie (Original Mix)
Flash Is Fast - Bouncing Waves (Reprise)
Shivana Faction - Prime Position (Original Mix)
Flash Is Fast - Workout (Beach Mix)
Chillelektro - Cabo de Creus (Original Mix)
Spiced Boogie - Lifestyle (Original Mix)
Over Range - Extravehicular (Original Mix)
Spiced Boogie - Deep Shiver (Original Mix)
Unexpected Marvel - The Search (Original Mix)
Dan Rubell - My Love (Dj Fopp Remix)
Simplex Sensus - Parallel Conversations (Original Mix)
Flash Is Fast - Les Mouches (Original Mix)
Sigother - Monitoring (Original Mix)
Circuito Zeta - Runaway (Original Mix)
Sixteenth Pulse - Crossing Thoughts (Original Mix)
Mind Conventions - Sweet Fever (Original Mix)
Rocketpunk - Upside (Original Mix)
Kaxamalka - About Time (Original Mix)