VA – Deepest Frequency [ERIJO]

ERIJO presents the new tech-forebears compilation "Deepest Frequency"Electronic music – an staggering symbiosis of cultural traditions from roughly the everybody

Lostrocket - Line Up (Original Mix)
Jakob Skepson - Induction (Patrick Podage Remix)
Michael Gull, Brian Benson - Boca Noche (Original Mix)
Andre Fernandes - Some Like Bass (Original Mix)
Juan Chousa - El Afrocubano (The Afro-Cuban) (Dany Cohiba Remix)
Joal - Blast from the Past (Original Mix)
Danny Bonnici, Jamesen Re - Minimal Effort (Soulnova Dub Mix)
The Boogeyman - 8 Times (Original Mix)
The Inhabitants - More Like You (Feat. Tasoulla) (Original Mix)
M-Lito - Uneasy (Original Mix)
Radiophono - Buff (Original Mix)
Lonis - It Takes a Village (Original Mix)
Sa.Du - Lost in Deep (MiniTech Project Remix)
Carlo Riviera - In My (Original Mix)
Mr. Groove - Together (Original Mix)
Jackie Queens, DJ Satelite - Fire (Jiggx Remix)
Lucefora - KsK (Original Mix)
Figo Da Dope - Tenor Sax (Original Mix)
Patrik Prelovsky - Second Mate (Original Mix)
Diego Rodriguez - Cobalto (Original Mix)
4Gotten Floor - The 9th Floor (Original Mix)