VA – Deep Tunes (best Deep House Grooves) [Dream Vision]

We are happy to release summer's compilation best Deep House tracks. Many different artists that offers us the best possible music to have as much fun as possible during this summer of music, dance and party.
We are confident that you will like. Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

Luck Bravo - Angel (Original Mix)
Daniel Beman - In Chocolate (Original Mix)
Artur Muro - Enjoy Music (Original Mix)
Georgio Mansio - Out of Time (Original Mix)
Deepeffect - Deep Fire in the Car (Original Mix)
Gaten - Hot Days (Original Mix)
Vabik - Satisfied (Original Mix)
Boten - Which Is Located Inside (Original Mix)
Anton Fash - Side (Original Mix)
Benni Lusso - Deep Mind (Original Mix)
Bestov - Get in Love (Original Mix)
Derick Fals - Autumn (Original Mix)
Sam Temp - Quantum Break (Original Mix)
Alex Huf - Starplex (Original Mix)
Csanes - Flute (Original Mix)
Dasta - My Melancholy (Original Mix)
Edemin - Dreams (Original Mix)
Deep Phase - Missing You (Original Mix)
Art Life - Body and Soul (Original Mix)
Adam Kinman - Affect (Original Mix)
Gary Unos - Dontsay (Original Mix)
Boten - Inflatable (Original Mix)
Ed Benton - Evening In Prague (Original Mix)
Eddie Bro - Chil Pill (Original Mix)
Adrian Loyd - Down (Original Mix)
Imadeo - Phobos (Original Mix)
Jerry Full - I Know How To Smile (Original Mix)
Kipon - Distance (Original Mix)
Infinium - Fat (Original Mix)
Mac Raymer - Let's Go (Original Mix)
Kurt Alikan - Drop (Original Mix)
Leetovskiy - I Can (Original Mix)
Olaris - I Promised (Original Mix)
Stephen Lam - Lighthouse (Original Mix)
Oliver Das - Sea (Original Mix)
Paul Wuk - Awaken (Original Mix)
Poka Honteze - Euphoria (Original Mix)
Toblas - On The Beach (Original Mix)
Project Argentum - Broken Fader (Original Mix)
Artur Muro - Fantasy (Original Mix)
Will Holt - Happy (Original Mix)
Zarlan - Gullmela (Original Mix)
Todd Smus - Open Air (Original Mix)
Jerry Full - Summer Is In The Details (Original Mix)