VA – Deep Prophets – Episode 3 [La Ciaccia Connection]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Joke Pick - App Party (Original Mix)
Liquor Xanax - Volcanic Activity (Original Mix)
Xavier Verdon - First Day of Spring (Original Mix)
Danny Hay - Deep Stepper (Original Mix)
Georgia Davison - Event in Art (Original Mix)
Moss Collins - Aquaviva (Sun Chill Edit)
North Sea - Don't Break It (Dee Ba Guitar Mix)
Perfectly Moody - Fearless (Original Mix)
Frank Scozzi - Unconsiouness Whitout Limits (Deep Dust Mix)
Paul Moana - Total Street (Original Mix)
Cut Guys - Hey Music (Sel Salinas Mix)
Mockery Grip - Clean Energy (Original Mix)
Aquadeep Elements - Spiritual Song (Club Edit)
Victor Goldman - On It On (Robert Gordon's Vocal Mix)
South Soul - Some Chords (Velvet & Deep Club Mix)
DGN - Back Home Alive (Stellar Mix)
Subway Soul - Reaction of World Peace (Deep City Mix)
Brothers Phunkers - Easy for You (Starshining Mix)
Antony Kaiman - Imagining Another Place (Basement Mix)
Danny Hay - Insiders (Original Mix)