VA – Deep Prophets – Episode 2 [La Ciaccia Connection]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Mental Department - Don't Stop Play (Shorty)
Limmatt Quai - Ride Round for Too Long (Deep Mix)
Luan Pereira - Gravitational Waves (Original Mix)
Matt Maxim - Spontaneous Lightness (Early Morning Deep Mix)
Beat Essence - Where I Am (Left & Right Deep Mix)
Yves St. Patrick - Talk to You (Lil French Mix)
Someone Blitz - No Fly Zone (Original Mix)
Frank Wasser - Rock This (Natural Mind's Club Mix)
Danny Hay - Stay Away (Original Mix)
Audio 77, Martha Flex - Resolution (Pasha Rhythms Mix)
Frank Rivolta - A Look at Infinity (Place Mix)
Flat Crumb - Cool Emoticon (Original Mix)
The Simian Shocker - Avocado of Maniac (Original Mix)
DJ Roger Vega - Selvangens (Original Mix)
Danny Hay - Tendency (Original Mix)
DamnBoys - Smooker Beat (Extended Mix)
Erich Fromm - Close Your Eyes (Deep Version)
Xavier Verdon - Leap in the Dark (Original Mix)
Alex Martinez - Trendy Topic (Original Mix)
Iron Mind - Diavlo (Original Mix)