VA – Deep House Afterhours [Sound On Sound]

Effect On Appear: Wide Assembly Afterhours 2016

Electronic music – an surprising symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the universe

Abra - Espionage (Original Mix)
Abra - Home (Original Mix)
DJ Valio, Danny F - Room (Original Mix)
Delacombe - Start Slow (Oris De Cueva Remix)
Distant Groove - Take Control (Ektoplazma Remix)
Domshe - Because It Matters (Original Mix)
Abra - The Feeling (Original Mix)
GESA - Albore (Original Mix)
Fly District - Salmo 115 (Original Mix)
Domshe - Frogman (Early Dub)
JCL - Venus (Original Mix)
JCL, Enki Earthling - Utopia (Original Mix)
Jerome Steam - Legal Stuff (T.I.M. Remix)
Signals From The Past - DR0.1 (Gruw Frequency Remix)
Teacoma - In My Mind (Original Mix)