VA – Deep Dreams In Mikonos (selected Deephouse And Cool Rhythms) [FMC Phonograph]

Selected Deephouse and Cool Selection!
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Modell, Mercier - Two Hundred Faces (Deep Monarch's Mix)
The Soullution Project - I Love Yuor Soul (Lovers Mix)
Filler Corporation - Answer and My Question (Plastic Candy's Long Waves Mix)
Jep Neil - Long Life for Everybody (House Mix)
Tony Deep - The Best Situation (Montenapoleone Fashion Mix)
Frank Fermo - Classes of Words (Da Rhythms Mix)
Markus Mueller - Katawab Deep (Long Dream Mix)
Velvet, Merrill - To Be Free (House for Freedom Mix)
Roy Real - Is to the Work (Deep Guitar Mix)
David Maxter - Soul to Go (Philter Mix)
Robert Sonn - A New Essence (Plastique Soul's Island Mix)
Ay Em - Gold Mine (Fascinating Mix)
Two City Orchestra - Fearless (George Danopopulos Mix)
Hot Hands - Clean Mud (White Beach Mix)
Alaina Terta - Downspace (Red Light Mix)
Soapy Style - The Right Way (Secret Lovers Mix)
Modell, Mercier - Black Coral (Lovin' Fashion Mix)
Christopher Solo - Secret Dream (East Mix View Mix)
Paul Wax - The Sky Is Dark Today (Aperitif Mix)
City Cinema - Inside Nowhere (Morris & Morgan's Deep Mix)