VA – Deep Chillout [Astrolabe Recordings]

Electronic music – an awesome symbiosis of cultural traditions from wide the sphere

Grapes Grey - This World (Original Mix)
Aeon Waves - Believe (Chapter Two) (Original Mix)
SoulGalaxy - Sorrow (Original Mix)
Cardmoth - Holiday Loneliness (Original Mix)
Serge Lumier - The Far Side of the Word (Original Mix)
July Snow - Space Travellers (Original Mix)
Max Grade - Electronic Sea (Original Mix)
Burthen - Descript (Original Mix)
Y-rich - H2o (Original Mix)
July Snow - When I C U (Original Mix)
Tom Strobe - I Need You Now (Original Mix)
Aeon Waves - The Story That's Never Been Told (Original Mix)
Denis Neve - Streets (Original Mix)
Saint Kuz - Sunbeams (Original Mix)
Tony Sit - Anticipation (Original Mix)
Serge Lumier - Body and Soul (Original Mix)
Cardmoth - What Is Love (Original Mix)
Eugene Kushner - Infinite Thinker (Original Mix)
DeepCosmo - Fly Away Forever (Original Mix)
Kasstedy - Wake Up (Original Mix)