VA – Decima [Blackwater]

Blackwater Label proudly presents on its Digital Channel the release number 10. To celebrate this important moment, we have decided to produce this Various Artist Compilation both on digital platform and a limited audio cassette, reflecting the past and the forthcoming Ep s from Artists that have come before on the digital channel from first to last and with subsequent releases in the come. Perhaps the most intimate and personal release that Blackwater is about to propose.
To open the dances as he did in his time for Blackwater Digital is Phorm with an hypnotic piece with clear references to darkness and depth that characterise the label so far. Spygeist follows with a brilliant piece, complete and mature from which you can clearly taste the capacity and versatility of this great Artist. Shkedul", Emanuele Onorato, Michal Jablonski, Istigkeit and Polanski create together the core of the cassette with an intense musical crescendo of high workmanship and calibration. One piece after another to fall into the depths of Techno, disclosing all the emotions that the industrial music, dark and deep can offer. The joint occurs with one of the most beautiful pieces produced by the Blackwater Society with the jewel track from Unconscius" who releases a dizzying piece, a hit without end. Rounding out the dancing come the fantastic productions of Flaminia and Train. Closing track comes from the owner of the label Devianza with a techno punk piece, an arrogant and belligerent sound to declare war to music industry.

Phorm - Invernomuto (Original Mix)
Spygeist - Dark Paths (Original Mix)
Shkedul - ID50 (Original Mix)
Emanuele Onorato - Peaceful Threats (Original Mix)
Michal Jablonski - Select One (Original Mix)
Istigkeit - She Stared at Him (Original Mix)
Polanski - Squadron (Original Mix)
Unconscious - Through Other Words (Original Mix)
Flaminia - A Deeper State of Consciousness (Original Mix)
Train - Incremental Changes (Original Mix)
Devianza - The Industry Can't Stop Me (Original Mix)