VA – Deadly Nightshade [Biomechanix Records]

We make available a new series within Biomechanix records, distinctive compilations with joyless tunes, very themes that describe us. The group goes by Djane Letona.

Abducted Brain - New Horizons (Original Mix)
Psycho Entity - Autumn Leaves (Original Mix)
Igbeji - Growing Time (Original Mix)
Onismo - Sonic Something (Original Mix)
Azzault - Meteor Basis (Original Mix)
Cosmic Grow vs Kliluk - Los Nortenos (Original Mix)
Suffer Misery - Abyss of Evil (Original Mix)
Manticore Obscurum Traumaticoma - Nice 2 Meet You (Original Mix)
Phreneticus - Look What Ive Created (Original Mix)
RipTide - Boots and Bassline (Original Mix)
Arkhos - Helter Skelter (Original Mix)
Insanus - In Your Fucking Brain (Original Mix)
Baco Ames - Monosintax (Original Mix)