VA – Das Kapital Presents Overtime [Do Work Recordings]

Das Kapital Presents Overtime is the prime compilation on Ness Village's Do Trade Records and it provides a snapshot of some of the most appropriate bent coming out of the wilderness correct now. From the 5FM plan topping remixer Hendrik Joerges to rising worldwide Techno prominence D_Be aware; from Beats & Slime artist RVWR to Garcon's Unfathomable Congress; Fight Cast and Das Kapital's dancefloor bangers; and Phizicist's Leftfield Electronica, this album shows honest how hefty the South African electronic music chapter is good now.

D_Know - Nowcheckit (Original Mix)
Action Figure - Locust (Original Mix)
Rvwr - Touch Me (Original Mix)
Hendrik Joerges - Swamp (Original Mix)
Das Kapital - Do Azid (Original Mix)
Garcon, Wezkez - Feelin' Me (Original Mix)
Rvwr - Who You Know (Original Mix)
D_Know - Quartz (Original Mix)
Action Figure - Psycho (Original Mix)
Hendrik Joerges - Banana (Original Mix)
Rvwr - Gatteez (Original Mix)
Garcon - Ethanet (Original Mix)
Phizicist, FRQNT - Sammiches (Original Mix)
Leechi - French Toast (Original Mix)
D_Know - Goodnight (Original Mix)