VA – Dancin’ People Of Electronic Music [Dmn Records]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

J & V - Tell Me Why (G-Lati & Mellons Remix)
DJ Skip, Andrea Di Pietro - Jealousy (Original Mix)
Jockeyboys, Nance - Higher (Radio Mix)
Lightwarrior, Mr. Smiths - Boop! (Radio Mix)
Chrizz Morisson - Deep in Love (Deep Mix)
Michael Fall, Barry Tone - She's All I Need (Extended Club Mix)
Michael Fall, Elektro Horse - Don't Get Lazy (Club Mix)
Dirty Ztylerz, Stay-C - Can You Feel It Heeeey Yoooo (Mark Horner Remix)
Bafana Mac - All Is Love (Main Mix)
Fio, Phil Giava - Gimme Your Love (Dreambuster Bangin' Remix)
Tony T., Dj Maxx Fiesta - Feel It in My Heart (Grande Vue Remix Edit)
2-o-matic - Harder Like Stone (Mark Horner Remix)
Rafael Lelis, Regina - Wanna Be Free (Club Anthem Radio Edit)
Darren Mackay, Grae, Are We Famous Now - Stand Up (Radio Mix)
Randy Norton, Elan Noelle, Sergio Bellotti - Washington AC (Extended Mix)
Free 2 Night - The Message (Radio Mix)
Dj Ferre, Chris Double U - What You Gonna Do (Club Mix)
JDVX - Ghost (Club Mix)
Mr. Smiths - Lift Me Up (Club Mix)
Sync Diversity - I Can Be the Girl (Original Mix)
Angelique, Randy Norton - I'm Your Baby (Extended Deep Mix)
Cal Bonjovi, Vgr - Get Down (Original Mix)
Rinaldo Montezz, Lisa Raquel - Can't Say Goodbye (Major On3 Radio Mix)
Lane McCray, Djane Monique - Sweet Dreams (Ray NR Remix)
Luqus, Zelazny - Jumpers (Extended Mix)
Ice MC - Out Tonight (DJ Moriarti Extended Mix)
Shilton - Let's Fly (2k16 Remix Edit)
Chrizz Morisson - Pulsations (Club Mix)
Robbert Simmons, Anthony Brody - Slam That Beat (Remundo Remix)
Bad Hat Bandits - Rock Your Body (Johnny Rockwell Remix)
B.m. Project, Prince G - Summertime (Radio Mix)
Remundo - I Won't Leave You Behind (Original Mix)
Vera Russo - Hazard (English Radio Mix)
Lori Glori - You Know What (Randy Norton 2k16 Extended Remix)
Prakz - Superstar (Randy Norton 2k16 Short Remix)
Randy Norton, Lui Lemialu - Assassination (2k16 Extended Remix)
Regina - Shake It Up (Randy Norton 2k16 Extended Remix)
DJ Moriarti - Blow My Sexy Phone (Radio Edit)
Robbert Simmons, Anthony Brody - Give It to Me (Remundo Remix)
Stellko & Miroo - Liato E (Radio Mix)
Mary, Djane Monique - Distant Streets (Radio Mix)
Rossko, Aiya - Ti Si (Radio Mix)
Maniek - Spark (Original Mix)
DJ Sies, B. & Auzton - The Sparkling Spectrum (Short Mix)
Robbert Simmons, Anthony Brody - Entourage (Radio Mix)
UnderMS - Holidays (Club Mix)
Shilton - I Feel Your Heart (Hands up Edit)
Chrizz Morisson - Real Bass (Deep Edit)
Remundo - Top Move (Original Mix)
G-lati, Mellons - Silence (Radio Mix)