VA – Dance Or Die, Vol.1 [Decadencia]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Crew 7 - Such a Shame (Sunset Crew Radio Edit)
Stereoliner - Bigroom 610 (Club Mix)
Wyatt Ocean - Delirium (Original Mix)
Jeremy Prisme - Pompei (Original Mix)
Marc Reason - Osiris (Radio Mix)
Chris Oldman - Passion (Naxwell Remix)
ValinoX - Judgement Day (Original Mix)
Jason Parker, Naxwell - Humanoid (Naxwell Remix)
Kid Vibes, Mak Others - Sunday Without You (Extended Mix)
Dario Synth, Gravity Kicks - Headbanger (Extended Mix)
Project Blue Sun, Ascandra - Dance into the Night (Naxwell Remix Edit)
Philmoorey - Ride in the Night (Original Mix)
Frank Kohnert - EF5 (Radio Edit)
Nylez - R U Ready (Original Mix)
Ivan Herb - Oriental Dance (Original Mix)
Bassdruck - Yo DJ (Lento Violento Krach Bumm Edit)
Martial Flowz - Paint the Sky (Original Mix)
Brain Foo Long - Quirks Mode (Original Mix)
Alpha-x, Quinn - The One (Extended Mix)
Blind Date - Blinded (Extended Mix)
Pyramid - Shake Your Body Baby (Extended Version)
Wiley, Lyrical Eye, Chris Ray, Chantell Angelina - Summer Vibe (Original Mix)
DJ Stanara - Your Face (Original Mix)
DJ Rade - Miracle (Original Mix)
Lola Lee - As Long as It's Love (Rinaldo Montezz Laidback Edit)
Melisma Ryan - Bad Sat (Instrumental Version)
Golden Fingers, Greg House - Weekend Bangers (Radio Edit)
Chaseline - Shutter (Original Mix)
Klangtitan - Domination (Original Mix)
Sasan Eda - Fly Away (Original Mix)
James Marley, Nathan Brumley - Summer Won't Wait (Extended Mix)
Samone - Here I Am (Original Mix)
Boogiemonster - No Love (Original Mix)
P.n.o - In the Air (Original Mix)
Ranieri, Brothers - My Battle (Trvpers Mix)
Luke Meyers - Play House (Vocal Edit)
Raum Klang - Drop on the Rocks (Original Mix)
Ted Newtone - Work Hard Party Hard (Original Mix)
DJ M-Leem - Clouds (Radio Extended Mix)
Tildbros - African Vibe (Sunset Festival Mix)
Andrew Bright - Magic Prana (Original Mix)
Sammy Jay, DJ Whitestar - Show a Little Luv (Original Mix)
Phil Moorey - Darth Rider (Original Mix)
De Cody - Always with You... Till the Closing (Original Mix)
Serge Imhof - Electric Orient (Original Mix)