VA – D Beats (the Club Selection) [FMC Phonograph]

House Music All Night Long!
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Ron Roquefold - A New Revelation (Tommy Miller's House Beats Mix)
Marius Rainer - Women to Hate (House & Love's Bass Mix)
Frank Rain - Reserved for the Best People (Modell & Mercier's Night Voyage Mix)
Deep London Project - Say What Tell Me (Deep Phonic's House Mix)
Porn Btz - A New Reason (Congalonga's House Mix)
Manuel Antinas - Alterego in Fashion (Downtown Elements Mix)
Tony Queen - Feel the Deep Beat (Ray Jay House Mix)
Yan Carlson - Ipotetic Dream (The Krown Mix)
Florence Cono - Deep Song of Gaia (Deep City Mix)
Miami Beach Ensemble - Deep Release (Paul Welsh's Long Beach Mix)
Tom Farry - I Should Be There (Mark Nassis's Blackfoor Mix)
Yan Chano - Followers of Freedom (The London Hotel's House Mix)
Buck Hino - A Great Program Story (Viper Mix)
Constant Rhythms - If This Is Life (Ronnie Jacobson Mix)
Hector Rubio - Waterworld (Underhouse Mix)
The Grand Rhythm - I Am Puzzled (Clubmoon's House Mix)
Carl Thomson - Great Euphoria (5th Avenue Mix)
Daniel Grant - My Perfect Match (Cool & Deep Mix)
Gray Movement - Follow Me in My Mind (Ron Carlton's Club Mix)
The Presidents - Foresight (My House Mix)