VA – Cybernetic Shamanism [Shamanism Records]

With advance of big names of our electronic ar and acutely stirred up we are go solid power. One compilation by Dr. Hank 'V.A CYBERNETIC SHAMANISM' opens a new time of Shamanism Records. Hail to the new age of shamanism. We are extremely proud to put forth our chief circulate.

Metaform - Dimentional Nomad: 171 Bpm (Original Mix)
Antagon - Belief Engine - 175 Bpm (Alien Chaos Remix)
Muckypuh - Hakmak Simulation - 185 Bpm (Original Mix)
Blind-Ox - You Are My Universe - 188 Bpm (Original Mix)
Arkhasa - Modulation - 195 Bpm (Original Mix)
RipTide, Eleusis - Barsch Zu Mund - 190 Bpm (Original Mix)
Impertinent - The Lost Bucha - 210 Bpm (Original Mix)
Arkhos - La Madre Tierra - 225 Bpm (Original Mix)
Zukumdukum - Saves Summer - 200 Bpm (Original Mix)
Zamurah - Broken Glass - 168 Bpm (Original Mix)