VA – Concise One Year Anniversary [Concise Music]

We're proud to bring you this compilation of amazing music in celebration of one year of great music. From deep, chunky grooves to beating techno, this record has something for everyone. Here's to another year!

Maxime F - Mariana Trench (So Deeeeeep) (Original Mix)
The Penthouse - Lake Effect (Original Mix)
Michael Johnston - Sunshine (Original Mix)
A Bunch of Souls - Summer Waves (Original Mix)
HouseWork - Perspectives (Original Mix)
InSoul - Mercury GRV (Original Mix)
Radwyn - Acknowledge (Original Mix)
Justin, Brandy, Jon Iler - Ass Related (Original Mix)
Jared Richard - Need Love (Original Mix)
DJ Nieko - Sesame Street (Original Mix)
HouseBroken - The Night Watch (Original Mix)