VA – Colcci [House Mag Records]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Alok, Dressel, Daavar & Zeppeliin - Set Me Free (Daavar & Zeppeliin Mix)
Dressel, Daavar & Zeppeliin - Enjoy It (Colcci Radio Mix)
Alok, Vinne - Free (Original Mix)
Skullwell, Bassnez, Dudu Fileti - Everybody Knows (Original Mix)
Sisto, Skullwell, Bassnez - Situations (Original Mix)
Skullwell, Bassnez - Stays the Same (Original Mix)
Bhaskar - Fire (Original Mix)
Gaba Kamer - Rocking Now (Original Mix)
Stereo Wave - He Is Free (Original Mix)