VA – Coffee Time With Love [Berry Parfait]

Electronic music – an remarkable symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the humanity

Francis Chic - Deep and Deeper (The Diva Mix)
Andrew Graf - Broken Piano (Piano Mix)
Claude Fassen - Just Make It Go (Guitar Fantasy Mix)
Tito Correro - Beautiful Sunrise (Tribe Mix)
Lorenz Kataro - A Cricket in the Meadow (London Mix)
Max Veron - New Reality (Alexandre Carlton's House Mix)
Ronny Goss - Vox in Deep Loop (Long Deep Mix)
San Garrauld - Traditional Gaiety (Subvocal Mix)
Victor King - Particular Legacy (Limousine Mix)
Factor 7 - The Latest News (Sunrise Avenue Mix)
W.U.G. - Wake up Guy (Total Beat Mix)
Alexander Kahn - Deep Down (Deep Relations Mix)
Bob Drum - How Baby (Play Me House Mix)
Frank Fusto - A Passion to Explain (House Elements Mix)
Jay Ritz - Your Sound (Carl Kay Mix)
Ray Mas - Erotika Stomp (Super Factory's Deephouse Mix)
Walter Granus - Stay with Me Again (Sonny Danielson's Mix)
Federal House Dept - From Deep to Deep (Capturing Rhythms Mix)
Danny Pan - Looking for All (Silver X Mix)
Arthur Dollmann - I Turn and I See Light (Deep Phonique Mix)