VA – Coffee Noir (panorama Of Soulful Deep House Dub Ambient) [Supergroove Records]

from extensive techno clan to ambient, accurate buried all the way. 48 tracks incl. 1 dj mix! #electronic #sunken #broad #moving #music #dj From a Coffee Noir and relish in a handful hours of worthy electronic treats… manufacture yourself ad.

Dub Taylor - Ten O'Clock Dub (Original Mix)
Klartraum, Thalstroem - Flight to Berlin (Mastercris Remix)
M-Voice - Dancing in the Sun (Original Mix)
Klartraum - Beautiful (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto - Ataraxie (Deep Version)
Nadja Lind - Ignore & Block (Satoshi Fumi Remix)
Stefan Weise, Sousk - When We Were Free (Klartraum Remix)
Eric Shans, Jay Hill - Happy Warrior (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto - Area 51 (Deep Version)
Aashya - Surreal Delta Two (Original Mix)
M-Voice - Sleepless Nightflow (Original Mix)
Aashya - Realities Delta One (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto - Cauze My Babe Loves Me (Black Widow Dub)
Nadia Popoff - Flow of Flowers (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto, JoJo - Emily (Original Mix)
Alex Boneti - Stereo Type (Original Mix)
Nadja Lind - Drifting Elements (Jeff Fontaine & Deep Spelle Remix)
Riccicomoto - Get Ready (Feat. Elimar) (MJ Beck Remix)
Aashya - Om Delta Three (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto - Holometabol (Andreas Weisz Remix)
Brickman - Reborn (Original Mix)
Alex Boneti - Bitume (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto - Frisco Pursuit (Dub Up Da Jazz Session)
Klartraum - Moogly (3LIAS Funked Up Remix)
Brickman - Resonant (Original Mix)
Silvia Bollnow, Riccicomoto - Flyin High (Dub Session)
Universal Language - Dub Sessions 1 (Original Mix)
Nunc - Andromeda (Original Mix)
Nadja Lind - Ignore & Block (Estroe Remix)
Timmus - Worthy of Me (Nadja Lind Remix)
Alex Boneti - Les sables noirs (Original Mix)
Nunc - Subterranean Chords (Original Mix)
Nadia Popoff - Spellbound (Original Mix)
Nadja Lind, Deep Spelle - Holographic Universe (Original Mix)
Stefan Weise, i.qu - Einfluss (Original Mix)
Aashya - Dub Cat Delta (Original Mix)
Stefan Weise, Sousk - Burden of Logic (Original Mix)
Riccicomoto - Double Zero Theme (Original Mix)
Klartraum - Amazonas Santiago (Mirza-Zadeh Remix)
Giuliano Rodrigues - Feeling the Space (Original Mix)
Klartraum - Bell Birds Dub (Yapacc Remix)
Aashya - Basic Channel Delta (Original Mix)
Stefan Weise, i.qu - Lee (Original Mix)
Klartraum - Mirage (Ilias Katelanos Remix)
Patrick Lindsey - Prof. Fee 2009 (Dub Taylor D. Mark Remix)
Giuliano Rodrigues - Unimaginable (Original Mix)
Aashya - Dub Channel Delta (Original Mix)
Mrs. Robot - Tape Decks Two (Flow DJ Mix)